Archive: 07/6/2005

Nanotubes in a New Light

Using x-rays to investigate order and function in nanotube systems Nanotubes are tiny cylindrical molecules just a few nanometers in diameter, but their potential for new technologies is vast. They are ext ...

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Study of Kennewick Man beginning

Anthropologists are gathering this week in Seattle to examine the remains of a skeleton known as Kennewick Man. The 9,200- to 9,500-year-old remains have been at the center of a bitter battle between American Indians and ...

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Siemens Limited Edition SK65 Burlwood

Mobile phone technology meets individual style: Every device in the new Siemens Limited Edition SK65 Burlwood range is distinctive and unique. The backs of these exclusive mobile phone models are decorated ...

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ATI Makes High-Definition Television More Affordable

ATI Technologies Inc. just made high-definition reception for television sets more affordable with the introduction of the Theater 311, Theater 312 and Theater 314 chipset solutions. ATI's Digital Television group has created ...

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Using chemistry for electronics and vice versa

The microelectronics industry is continually striving to miniaturize conventional silicon-based electronic devices to provide higher performance technology that can be housed in smaller packaging.

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How a baby's nose knows Mom's scent

For newborn mammals, including humans, identifying Mom by her odor can be critical to maternal bonding and survival. However, researchers have not understood how this odor identification develops. Now, Kevin Franks and Jeffry ...

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A new particle discovered by Babar experiment

It can help to reveal the secrets of the strong force Its name is Y(4260) and it is not a new humanoid of Stars Wars, but a particle identified for the first time by BaBar experiment: an international collaboration - forme ...

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