Archive: 6/03/2008

All-round safety in car

A car body that thinks intelligently and protects its occupants at the crucial moment has been every driver’s dream for a long time. Research scientists in an EU project have developed an intelligent side-impact protection ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in Engineering
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Model analysis helps protect river's ecosystem

The Grand Canyon will be experiencing a spring of yesteryear, as water flow rates from the Glen Canyon Dam will be significantly increased, then throttled back in a high-flow experiment that runs March 4 through 9. The result ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Torrefacto-roasted coffee has higher antioxidant properties

Torrefacto-roasted coffee has higher antioxidant properties than natural roast, according to the dissertation defended by a biologist of the University of Navarra, Isabel López Galilea. She has emphasized in her study that ...

dateMar 06, 2008 in
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