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Strong laptop growth seen in China

Mobile computing continues to post solid sales numbers in China, with Analysys International predicting 20-percent growth in the laptop product segment this year.

Aug 05, 2005
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No E9-1-1 for now

Not all mobile-phone users will be able to access emergency operators by next year -- if they get into a horrific car accident, or observe a violent crime in progress -- even though a government deadline requiring enhanced ...

Aug 05, 2005
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Study discovers how beetle shells harden

Kansas State University researchers think their discovery of the enzyme involved in the hardening of a beetle's exoskeleton or cuticle could lead not only to better pest control, but also help create similar strong, lightweight ...

Aug 05, 2005
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Hypnotic suggestion can override brain

A U.S. study that used hypnotic suggestion found the brain can override responses experts have long assumed to be ingrained and automatic, such as reading.

Aug 05, 2005
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Antarctic losing ice at historic pace

A noted geosciences professor says the Antarctic Peninsula is undergoing greater warming than nearly anywhere on Earth.

Aug 05, 2005
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Immune cell actions likened to James Bond

Scientists have found a group of immune system cells they say resemble James Bond, in that they receive a "license" allowing them to kill invaders.

Aug 05, 2005
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2,000-year-old bone found in the Kalahari

Researchers say they've found the oldest directly dated evidence indicating when cattle were first brought to southern Africa and from where they came.

Aug 05, 2005
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Simple way to remove oil from water

Australian researchers say they have devised a simple tank-and-siphon system for removing oil from oily water to protect the environment.

Aug 05, 2005
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Record wave measured during Hurricane Ivan

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory-Stennis Space Center measured a record-size ocean wave when the eye of Hurricane Ivan passed over the Gulf of Mexico.

Aug 05, 2005
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