Archive: 07/5/2007

Scientists to sequence Eucalyptus genome

An ambitious international effort has been launched today to decode the genome of Eucalyptus, one of the world’s most valuable fibre and paper-producing trees.

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How Pain Distracts The Brain

Anybody who’s tried to concentrate on work while suffering a headache knows that pain compellingly commands attention—which is how evolution helped ensure survival in a painful world. Now, researchers have pinpointed ...

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Coaching computer canines in clambering

The mutts are metal, the size of toy poodles, with four pointy feet ending in little balls. They need to learn how to make their way on those little feet across a treacherous terrain of broken rocks. University ...

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Amoebae control cheating by keeping it in the family

No one likes a cheater, even a single-celled one. New research from Rice University shows how cooperative single-celled amoebae rely on family ties to keep cheaters from undermining the health of their colonies. The research ...

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Birds take cues from their competitors

The idea that animals other than humans can learn from one another and pass on local traditions has long been a matter of debate. Now, a new study reveals that some birds learn not only from each other, but also from their ...

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