Archive: 07/5/2007

Researchers make discovery in molecular mechanics of phototropism

In a paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia reported molecular-level discoveries about the mechanisms of phototropism, the directional growth of plants toward ...

Jul 05, 2007
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Study Shows Sonar Did Not Harm Fish

A new University of Maryland study in the July issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America reports that high powered sonar, like that used by U.S. Navy ships, did not harm test fish, including their ...

Jul 05, 2007
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Lizards' feisty flicking changed by motion noise

Animals that alter their movement-based signals to overcome visually ‘noisy’ environments could lead to a better understanding of vision systems and improve the capacity of ‘seeing’ machines, according to scientists ...

Jul 05, 2007
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Economical and cleaner cars with lean-burn catalytic converter

Dutch researcher Karen Scholz has taken a careful look at the properties of a new type of catalytic converter found in cars. For this so-called NOx Storage Reduction (NSR) catalytic converter the fuel is alternately combusted ...

Jul 05, 2007
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Friendly young people in particular drink under pressure

Men, extrovert people and those with positive expectations regarding alcohol use drink more than others, says Dutch psychologist Sander Bot. The amount a young person drinks is largely determined by how much others in the ...

Jul 05, 2007
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