Archive: 06/5/2006

EU revises position on software patents

Is software patentable in Europe? Following questioning from a member of the European parliament, the European Commission recently released a statement containing strong implications that computer programs aren't patentable, ...

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Marmots are returned to the Dolomites

Twenty pairs of marmots -- Europe's version of the U.S.'s groundhog -- have been reintroduced into Italy's National Park of the Belluno Dolomites.

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Shuttling Electrons

“We are trying to understand quantum nano-electro-mechanical systems,” Jason Twamley explains to “These systems display richer dynamics and interactions than one can obtain with quantum optical ...

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Scientists predict pulsar starquakes

Scientists have discovered how to predict earthquake-like events in pulsars, the dense remains of exploded stars. These are violent episodes that likely crack a pulsar's dense crust and momentarily increase its spin rate.

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