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UCLA expert blames American values for health-care crisis

To heal our ailing health care system, we need to stop thinking like Americans. That's the message of two articles by UCLA's Dr. Marc Nuwer, a leading expert on national health care reform, published this week in Neurology, ...

Dec 04, 2008
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Why is the Earth's mantle conductive?

( -- Researchers from INSU-CNRS (France), working with chemists at a CNRS research unit, have explained that the high conductivity of the Earth's upper mantle is due to molten carbonates. They ...

Dec 04, 2008
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This One's For You: ISS Space Barley Beer

( -- Critics of the Space Program can utter a sigh of relief. Finally, an innovation with a good suds head on it. A colloborative effort between the Russian Academy of Science, Okayama University ...

Dec 04, 2008 weblog
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