Archive: 07/31/2006

Cool solution to waste disposal

As the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) prepares to issue advice to government on nuclear waste, a group of physicists claims to have discovered a technique that could make nuclear waste much easier to deal ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Memory as Motivator

What do we do with our memories when we don't have closure? In research conducted at the University of Arkansas, participants with still-open autobiographical memories were significantly more likely to meet assigned goals ...

Jul 31, 2006
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What do a shark fin and a human leg have in common?

One of the most important milestones in the evolution of life occurred when paired fins (and later limbs) appeared, leading to new types of locomotion. Now, in the advanced online issue of Nature, scientists ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Visualising invisibility

Invisibility has been an ingredient of myths, novels and films for millennia – from Perseus versus Medusa in Greek legend to James Bond’s latest car and Harry Potter’s cloak. A new study published today by the Institute ...

Jul 31, 2006
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New Genus of Collembola Named After College and Alumna

A Grinnell College biology professor has discovered a new genus of an extinct branch of the Collembola, a group of small arthropods partly responsible for the nutritious soil farmers enjoy.

Jul 31, 2006
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HIV Hiding from Drugs in Gut, Preventing Immune Recovery

UC Davis researchers have discovered that the human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS, is able to survive efforts to destroy it by hiding out in the mucosal tissues of the intestine. They also found that ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Ebay: A good reputation pays off

A good reputation at Ebay is worth its weight in gold: whoever was given an overwhelmingly positive assessment by their customers at previous auctions on average achieves noticeably higher returns. This is what researchers ...

Jul 31, 2006
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A simple survey yields a cosmic conundrum

A survey of galaxies observed along the sightlines to quasars and gamma-ray bursts--both extremely luminous, distant objects--has revealed a puzzling inconsistency. Galaxies appear to be four times more common in the direction ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Quicker, cleaner computers are in sight

Imagine a computer instantly working when it was turned on because it didn't need power to reload its memory and get it working. Leeds physicists are leading a new £2.3m project to make new materials which would allow computer ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Proteins as Parents

So that we can move, and so that our heart beats, we need proteins with special mechanical properties, "molecular springs", which give our tissues the necessary strength and take care of elasticity and tensibility.

Jul 31, 2006
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