Archive: 07/31/2006

Researchers develop blood test to detect lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women in the United States and around the world, mainly because lung cancers are found in late stages and the best treatment opportunities already have been ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Scientists Test Anti-obesity Vaccine

In what may be the first published breakthrough of its kind in the global battle against obesity, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have developed an anti-obesity vaccine that significantly slowed weight gain and ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Virtual surgery software developed

U.S. scientists say they've developed a "virtual surgery" software tool that creates a 3-D computer image from medical scans.

Jul 31, 2006
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Magnetic Nanocapsules for Smart Drug Delivery

By combining peptide-based polymers with modified iron oxide nanoparticles, researchers at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Pessac, France, have developed nanoparticles that can be manipulated in a magnetic ...

Jul 31, 2006
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Mars' dust storms may produce peroxide snow

The planet-wide dust storms that periodically cloak Mars in a mantle of red may be generating a snow of corrosive chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, that would be toxic to life, according to two new studies ...

Jul 31, 2006
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New machine to help African AIDS victims

A U.S. scientist is leading an effort to manufacture low-cost devices that would make affordable, widespread AIDS testing available in Africa.

Jul 31, 2006
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Mice may help treat mental disorders

U.S. scientists say for the first time a psychiatric test for monitoring mental abnormalities has been adapted for use in research mice.

Jul 31, 2006
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Millipede feared extinct is found

U.S. biologists say Illacme plenipes, a millipede with up to 750 legs that was last seen 80 years ago, has been found in California.

Jul 31, 2006
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Fingering fraud takes toll on students

Blowing the whistle on a professor's alleged scientific misconduct has taken a toll on the careers of six University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

Jul 31, 2006
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Keep watermelon out of the frig

Government researchers in Washington advise against storing watermelon in the refrigerator if you want to maximize its health benefits.

Jul 31, 2006
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Seniors get stuck in Medicare donut hole

Millions of senior Americans are seeing their drug costs skyrocket after maxing out their early coverage, the Washington Post reported.

Jul 31, 2006
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Journal: Research paper probably flawed

Editors of the journal Analytical Chemistry say a published research paper concerning breast implants contained "probably flawed" conclusions.

Jul 31, 2006
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University of Toronto ornithopter takes off

Professor Emeritus James DeLaurier achieved something in early July that has fascinated humankind throughout much of history. DeLaurier and a team of students at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace ...

Jul 31, 2006
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