Archive: 03/31/2006

New York School Districts Install GPS Tracking Systems in Buses

Cutting-edge technology is making it easier for transportation directors to keep track of some school buses in New York. With the help of a global-positioning satellite (GPS) system installed in each of the school buses for ...

Mar 31, 2006
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Devices give weather at-a-glance

A variety of new and novel devices are changing the way consumers get their weather -- including such techno items as a weather-forecasting umbrella. The fusion of various objects and technology has sparked much consumer ...

Mar 31, 2006
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RFID might help track first responders

A National Institute of Standards and Technology team is studying the feasibility of using radio frequency identification technology during emergencies.

Mar 31, 2006
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Scientists to tackle illness with 'silver nanobullet'

It has been known for some time that silver is highly toxic to a wide range of bacteria, and silver-based compounds have been used extensively in bactericidal applications. This property of silver has caused ...

Mar 31, 2006
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