Archive: 03/31/2006

New String-Theory Notion Redefines the Big Bang

String theory — the concept that all particles can be represented as strings or string-loops of incredibly minute length, oscillating at various frequencies — was initially developed to help explain why quarks, the tiny ...

Mar 31, 2006 feature
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How a locust's eardrum could lead to tiny microphones

Being able to hear the smallest of noises is a matter of life or death for many insects, but for the scientists studying their hearing systems understanding how insect ears can be so sensitive could lead to ...

Mar 31, 2006
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Online art auction takes off in India.

For Vasudevarao Umesh, a small-time art-shop owner in Bangalore from where he sells paintings and other art objects, earning money as a medical transcriptionist from his shop's computer was just a way of cashing in on India's ...

Mar 31, 2006
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Briefs: MySpace removes 200,000 profiles removed 200,000 "objectionable" profiles from its network to address fears of Internet security, the Financial Times reported.

Mar 31, 2006
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Briefs: Cyber criminals exploit BBC

Spam e-mails containing BBC news stories are being used to attract cyber victims, the news organization reports.

Mar 31, 2006
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Wireless World: Religious ringtones

The muezzin is calling. But the cleric is not in a minaret, above the town square, reminding all that it is time to face Mecca and pray. He's a digital muezzin, calling on the mobile phone of the worldwide faithful, with ...

Mar 31, 2006
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NASA announces new communications policy

In what is being described as a new "commitment to openness -- NASA's administrator in Washington issued a new communications policy.

Mar 31, 2006
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Vaccines tested for use against bird flu

Human testing on a two potential vaccines against the H5N1 strain of bird flu has begun in Germany and Belgium, according to GlaxoSmithKline PLC.

Mar 31, 2006
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Report: Net increase in U.S. wetlands

Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said for the first time since 1954, there is a net increase in U.S. wetlands.

Mar 31, 2006
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'March Madness' effects observed in ultracold gases

Physicists at Harvard University, George Mason University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have discovered new quantum effects in ultracold gases that may lead to improved understanding ...

Mar 31, 2006
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