Archive: 11/30/2006

Scientist spin human brain cell silicone

British scientists say they have succeeded in spinning fine threads of biocompatible silicone that contain viable living human brain cells.

Nov 30, 2006
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Protein protects against nerve degeneration

A protein called NMNAT protects against nerve cell degeneration in fruit flies and mice, said Baylor College of Medicine researchers in a report in the Public Library of Science Biology that appears online today.

Nov 30, 2006
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Modeling Mineral Formation with X-rays

Some of the hardest and sturdiest materials aren’t made in the factory; they’re made inside the bodies of animals. Biominerals are commonly used for support and protection, forming in teeth, bones, and ...

Nov 30, 2006
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New Horizons Gets First Glimpse of Pluto

The New Horizons team got a faint glimpse of the mission's distant, main planetary target when one of the spacecraft's telescopic cameras spotted Pluto for the first time.

Nov 30, 2006
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School may ban unvaccinated students

A Cook County, Ill., Public Health Department official says the county may ban students not vaccinated for whooping cough from public schools.

Nov 30, 2006
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New finding points way to foiling anthrax's tricks

University of California, Berkeley, chemists have discovered a trick that anthrax bacteria use to make an end run around the body's defenses, but which may turn out to be their Achilles' heel.

Nov 30, 2006
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