Archive: 03/30/2006

Rare whales die beached in South Florida

Three rare, deep-dwelling whales that became beached Wednesday on Florida's South Hutchinson Island reportedly have been euthanized.

Mar 30, 2006
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Russian 'Jurassic park' under development

Thirty Canadian bison are being donated to Russia for Pleistocene Park, an ice age reserve under development that will feature the area's extinct species.

Mar 30, 2006
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Google's latest stock sale raises concerns

For those invested in Google, the last few weeks have been a heart-thumping ride indeed, and what's more, the roller coaster might well keep on going with its highs and lows.

Mar 30, 2006
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Virtual swimmer to speed up athletes

CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Sport are using mathematics in a bid to speed up our top swimmers by testing changes to swimming strokes. The research will make use of the same software CSIRO uses for other fluid simulations ...

Mar 30, 2006
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MINOS experiment sheds light on mystery of neutrino disappearance

An international collaboration of scientists at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced today the first results of a new neutrino experiment. Sending a high-intensity beam of muon neutrinos from the l ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Warbots to Replace Human Soldiers?

Any good student of military history can tell you that technological change can make a huge difference on the battlefield. History is replete with examples: the English longbow at Crecy overmatched the Genovese ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Feds: Help fish spawn or remove dams

U.S. wildlife officials say they will not renew licenses for four hydroelectric dams in California unless steps are taken to help imperiled wild salmon.

Mar 30, 2006
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Researchers develop new method for nanomaterials synthesis

Virginia Commonwealth University chemists, using a simple, commercial microwave oven, have developed a new method for the synthesis of nanomaterials that can control the dimensions and properties of rods and wires that are ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Tea: the New Anti-Aging Beverage?

Tea may be more than a trendy coffee alternative, according to researchers at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre (DHRC). Their findings, published in a recent issue of the European Journal of Neuroscience, sugges ...

Mar 30, 2006
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