Archive: 03/30/2006

Engineers Identify Materials for nMOS Metal Gate Electrodes

Sematech engineers have identified metal electrode materials that can be used to build reliable nMOS transistors with high‑k dielectric – a major milestone in the quest to fabricate working CMOS devices using metal ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Chemical reaction research to evaluate extraterrestrial samples

Researchers have identified a new test case that could be used for evaluating extraterrestrial samples for evidence of life. The new test could ultimately allow the use of simpler analytical instrumentation on future space ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Subsurface bacteria to immobilize uranium

In research that could help control contamination from the radioactive element uranium, scientists have discovered that some bacteria found in the soil and subsurface can release phosphate that converts uranium contamination ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Scientists observe solitary vibrations in uranium

Los Alamos scientists, working with collaborators from around the world, recently observed experimental evidence of solitary vibrations (solitons) in a solid. First observed as localized waves on the surface of water more ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Why spiders' silk threads don't twist

Unlike a mountain climber swinging from a rope, a spider suspended from its silk thread hardly ever twists. Although the flexibility and strength of a spider’s dragline outperforms the best synthetic fibres, ...

Mar 30, 2006
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Web bookies not worried by NCAA underdogs

Although heavy underdog George Mason University, who once sat at 400-1 odds, is two victories away from winning the NCAA Basketball Tournament, it's not the team that has online betting sites most frightened.

Mar 30, 2006
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Study: Hi-tech to drive global economy

Technology will both fuel and facilitate continued growth of the world economy, a study released in Silicon Valley Thursday concluded.

Mar 30, 2006
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New eBook technologies hitting market

Sometimes you see them out of the corner of your eye. They'll be hunched over on the bus or leaning against a wall on the subway, their eyes glancing over a Palm or BlackBerry PDA. Sometimes they're going over ...

Mar 30, 2006
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U.K. biometric ID card faces questions

The introduction of biometric national identification cards to the United Kingdom now seems like an inevitability. Yet doubts have been raised by a committee in the House of Commons itself about whether existing technology ...

Mar 30, 2006
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