Archive: 12/3/2007

Stop & Shop cookie recall is updated

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced an update of a recall of Luigi's Bakery cookies sold by Stop & Shop supermarkets in New York in Connecticut.

Dec 03, 2007
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Older moms face greater health risks

The increasing number of women postponing childbirth until their 40s face greater risks during pregnancy and delivery, a California fertility specialist says.

Dec 03, 2007
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Replacing the cells lost in Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease (PD) is caused by the progressive degeneration of brain cells known as dopamine (DA) cells. Replacing these cells is considered a promising therapeutic strategy. Although DA cell–replacement therapy by ...

Dec 03, 2007
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A really inconvenient truth: Divorce is not green

The data are in. Divorce is bad for the environment. A novel study that links divorce with the environment shows a global trend of soaring divorce rates has created more households with fewer people, has taken up more space ...

Dec 03, 2007
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Could hydrogen sulfide hold the key to a long life?

Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, the chemical that gives rotten eggs their sulfurous stench – and the same compound that researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center successfully have used to put mice into a state of ...

Dec 03, 2007
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