Archive: 01/3/2008

Gene therapy can reduce long-term drinking among rodents

“An ‘experiment of nature’ is observed in some individuals of East Asian origin, who are 66 to 99 percent protected against alcoholism,” explained Yedy Israel, professor of pharmacological and toxicological chemistry ...

Jan 03, 2008
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Researchers use neuroimaging to study ESP

Psychologists at Harvard University have developed a new method to study extrasensory perception that, they argue, can resolve the century-old debate over its existence. According to the authors, their study not only illustrates ...

Jan 03, 2008
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Smell-wars between butterflies and ants

Among humans, making yourself smell more alluring than you really are is a fairly harmless, socially accepted habit that maintains a complete perfume industry. However, it is a matter of life and death for caterpillars of ...

Jan 03, 2008
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