Archive: 10/29/2008

Play at your own risk

Taking up bowling or tennis is an excellent way to stay fit. But if you're not careful, you might find that these amateur sports can have unexpected long-term health risks.

Oct 29, 2008
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Playing games shows how personalities evolved

( -- Why do some people co-operate while others are very selfish? Research by the universities of Bristol and Exeter offers a new explanation as to why such a wide range of personality traits has ...

Oct 29, 2008
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Angry faces take priority in our brain

( -- In any social situation, we need to be aware of threats to our own safety from other people. That may be why our brains are better attuned to remembering the identity of angry faces over short ...

Oct 29, 2008
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Scientists Create New Robust Genetic Clock

UC San Diego bioengineers have created the first stable, fast and programmable genetic clock that reliably keeps time by the blinking of fluorescent proteins inside E. coli cells. The clock's blink rate c ...

Oct 29, 2008
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1,000 tags reveal mysteries of giant bluefin tuna

A giant Atlantic bluefin tuna weighing more than half a ton had the honor of being fitted with the 1000th electronic tracking tag placed on this threatened species when it was caught and released on Monday ...

Oct 29, 2008
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