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Researchers change focus on threatened species

( -- University of Queensland-led research is suggesting new ways to protect threatened species. Professor Hugh Possingham, director of UQ's Ecology Centre, and colleagues from the French National Institute of ...

dateOct 29, 2008 in
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Thoroughly moderate America

( -- The global credit crunch and Barack Obama's neutralisation of the 'religious right' in America are likely to sweep him to an historic victory in the US elections, according to an expert at The University ...

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Halloween Storms of 2003 Still the Scariest

( -- By the eerie light of a Halloween moon, while a chilly wind blows autumn-dry leaves askitter on bare and fingered branches, scary things can happen. Blood-sucking bats, creepy-crawly spiders, and a bevy of ...

dateOct 29, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Play at your own risk

Taking up bowling or tennis is an excellent way to stay fit. But if you're not careful, you might find that these amateur sports can have unexpected long-term health risks.

dateOct 29, 2008 in Health
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