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What choice do we have?

( -- Too much choice can be a bad thing—not just for the individual, but for society. Thinking about choices makes people less sympathetic to others and less likely to support policies that help people, according ...

dateMar 29, 2011 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Moderate sleep and less stress may help with weight loss

If you want to increase your chances of losing weight, reduce your stress level and get adequate sleep. A new Kaiser Permanente study found that people trying to lose at least 10 pounds were more likely to reach that goal ...

dateMar 29, 2011 in Health
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Intel announces third-generation SSD 320 series

Intel announced today its highly anticipated third-generation solid-state drive (SSD) the Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series (Intel SSD 320 Series). Based on its industry-leading 25-nanometer (nm) NAND flash ...

dateMar 29, 2011 in Hardware
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RNA-exporting machine deciphered

( -- A tiny motor tasked with one of nature’s biggest jobs is now better understood. The molecular machinery that helps export messenger RNA from a cell’s nucleus has been structurally ...

dateMar 29, 2011 in Cell & Microbiology
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Image: Make a wish from space

In honor of those affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake in Japan, Russian cosmonaut and Expedition 27 commander Dmitry Kondratyev (center), European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli and NASA astronaut ...

dateMar 29, 2011 in Space Exploration
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