Archive: 01/29/2008

Rust fungus to tear backbone out of boneseed

CSIRO’s newly refurbished containment facility for exotic insects and plant pathogens in Canberra is hosting a species of rust fungus which shows promise as a biocontrol agent for the highly invasive plant ...

Jan 29, 2008
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New threat to Lake Victoria?

Two hydroelectricity dams appear to be threatening the health of Lake Victoria – and of the people living along its shores who depend on the lake for food. A new study¹ suggests that the dams’ systematic overuse of water ...

Jan 29, 2008
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A difficult youth is a good thing for a fish

A tough early life turns out to be a good thing for a fish, according to scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They discovered that fish larvae that survive a long, rough, offshore journey ...

Jan 29, 2008
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Cats' family tree rooted in Fertile Crescent, study confirms

The Fertile Crescent of the Middle East has long been identified as a “cradle of civilization” for humans. In a new genetic study, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have concluded that all ancestral ...

Jan 29, 2008
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Viruses for a healthy pregnancy

Sequences of DNA in the human genome that originated from ancient viral infections have some surprising effects on our bodies and are even essential for a healthy pregnancy, according to an article in the February issue of ...

Jan 29, 2008
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