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Magnetism loses under pressure

Scientists have discovered that the magnetic strength of magnetite—the most abundant magnetic mineral on Earth—declines drastically when put under pressure. Researchers from the Carnegie Institution’s ...

dateJan 29, 2008 in General Physics
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Why your fertility cells must have 'radio silence'

Researchers in Kobe, Japan, and Montreal, Canada, have uncovered a previously unknown mechanism which causes embryonic germ cells – which later develop into sperm or ova – to go through a period of “transcriptional ...

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Screen-printed solar cells

Members of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE are traveling to Tokyo with bulky luggage these days. Their destination is Nanotech 2008, the world’s largest trade fair for nanotechnology. ...

dateJan 29, 2008 in Energy & Green Tech
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Using DNA, scientists hunt for the roots of the modern potato

More than 99 percent of all modern potato varieties planted today are the direct descendents of varieties that once grew in the lowlands of south-central Chile. How Chilean germplasm came to dominate the modern potato-which ...

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Rare parakeets to populate gulf islands

An ambitious plan to translocate 100 kakariki (red-crowned parakeets) from Little Barrier Island to two other Hauraki Gulf islands as well as a mainland site means more people will be able to see the rare ...

dateJan 29, 2008 in
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