Archive: 09/28/2004

Global Earth Observation moves ahead

The intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) met this week to agree important elements of a groundbreaking 10-year Plan that will pave the way toward building a global Earth Observation System. Over the next de ...

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SMART-1 celebrates its first year in space

One year after its launch on 27 September 2003, the SMART-1 spacecraft is in excellent health and preparing for the manoeuvres that will bring it into orbit around the Moon mid-November. The first mission p ...

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Good Vibrations in the Nanoworld

Local defects tune the vibrational modes of carbon nanotubes Accessing vibrational modes of molecular chains at the site of a specific atom in molecules is no longer a dream. Using a scanning tunneling microscopy technique (STM), the vibrational ...

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