Archive: 02/28/2006

Cassini Attempts 12th Titan Flyby

NASA's Cassini spacecraft returns to Titan on Monday for its twelfth flyby since beginning to survey Saturn and its moons on July 4, 2004.

Feb 28, 2006
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U.S. greenhouse emissions up 1.7 percent

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says greenhouse gas emissions increased by 1.7 percent during 2004 from the previous year.

Feb 28, 2006
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Preparing for a Quantum Leap in Computing

Imagine a place where anything possible always happens, like a TV screen that displays all the channels at once. If that seems beyond imagination, you are not alone. The world of quantum physics is so weird ...

Feb 28, 2006
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Sony Ericsson adds seventh Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson Tuesday released the W300, the latest addition to the company's line of Walkman phones that include MP3 capabilities and a digital camera. The W300 is the seventh cell phone in the Walkman family.

Feb 28, 2006
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Utah House rejects evolution measure

Utah state representatives have rejected legislation that would have regulated how the theory of evolution is taught in public schools.

Feb 28, 2006
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Founder of creationism dies

The man regarded as the founder of the creationist movement, Henry M. Morris, has died in California at age 87.

Feb 28, 2006
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Bioengineers create stable networks of blood vessels

Yale biomedical engineers have created an implantable system that can form and stabilize a functional network of fine blood vessels critical for supporting tissues in the body, according to a report in the ...

Feb 28, 2006
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Poll: Gas tax increase might fly

A New York Times/CBS News poll suggests Americans might OK a gasoline tax hike if it reduced global warming or lessened U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

Feb 28, 2006
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Scientists confirm historic massive flood in climate change

Scientists from NASA and Columbia University, New York, have used computer modeling to successfully reproduce an abrupt climate change that took place 8,200 years ago. At that time, the beginning of the current ...

Feb 28, 2006
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