Archive: 10/27/2005

Steam propels game software sales online

Walking into a store, snagging a piece of game software from the shelves and purchasing it at the register may be about to change in the next few years. Recently, several firms have broken away from traditional retail models ...

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Text messaging could make U.S. gains

The United States has lagged behind Europe and Japan when it comes to text-messaging from cell phones, but that gap is closing rapidly, according to a recent report.

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Deercam TV project

The University of Missouri-Columbia says it has developed a wireless video camera that's placed on a deer's head to see how it behaves away from humans.

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Researchers light up 'dark' spins in diamond

Discovery could lead to room temperature quantum computing Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have potentially opened up a new avenue toward room temperature quantum information processing. By demonstrating the ability to image ...

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