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Research cautions to catch-and-release in less than 4 minutes

Recreational fishing that involves catch-and-release may seem like just good fun, and that released fish go on to live happily ever after, but a recent study at the University of Illinois shows that improper handling techniques ...

dateSep 27, 2007 in
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Climate may increase heat-related deaths by 2050s

While some uncertainty does exist in climate projections and future health vulnerability, overall increases in heat-related premature mortality are likely by the 2050s, according to a recent study by Columbia University’s ...

dateSep 27, 2007 in Health
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Carbon Nanotubes Have Room for Multifunctionality

In the quest to turn carbon nanotubes from nanoscale wonder into clinically useful drug and imaging agent delivery agents, researchers have often added polymer coatings to the outside of the nanotubes in order to render them ...

dateSep 27, 2007 in Bio & Medicine
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'Rusting' Also Describes How Methamphetamine Harms

Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom, a Duke University pharmacology professor who left the lab bench to focus on science education, has developed a tactic for keeping students hands in the air at the end of class.

dateSep 27, 2007 in Other
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SOHO Mission Discovers Rare Comet

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has discovered a rare periodic comet. SOHO has already discovered more than 1,350 comets during its mission, but this is the first time one of its discoveries ...

dateSep 27, 2007 in Space Exploration
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