Archive: 09/26/2004

1 Terabyte Optical Storage Disks the Size of a DVD

Physicists at Imperial College London are developing a new optical disk with so much storage capacity that every episode of The Simpsons made could fit on just one. Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Data Storage Conference 200 ...

Sep 26, 2004
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UC Berkeley to develop wireless lighting controls

Building science researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have received a grant from the California Energy Commission to develop a flexible, low-cost lighting control system that could provide commercial building ...

Sep 26, 2004
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A Halogen Bulb

In a new development, halogen light now comes in the form of the classic filament bulb. Fitted with the Osram Halolux Classic, even the oldest of lamps will shine with a new luster. The new lamp not only has ...

Sep 26, 2004
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Glass sensors measure weathering effects

The corrosiveness of a specific atmosphere can be established in a few weeks by thin slices of special glass. The sensors are capable of monitoring the outdoor environment as well as indoors, for instance in sensitive production ...

Sep 26, 2004
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