Archive: 04/26/2006

UW Economist: High Prices at the Pump to Last for Months

As President Bush Tuesday called for temporarily halting deposits to the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve to make more oil available for consumer need and has ordered investigations into whether the price of gasoline ...

Apr 26, 2006
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Cancer alert sounded in Massachusetts

Residents of Ashland, Mass., are being urged to consult a physician about cancer risks if they swam or waded in water near a hazardous waste site before 1985.

Apr 26, 2006
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An 'open' Internet without gatekeepers

Professor Jonathan Zittrain, first Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, stressed the importance of an 'open' Internet in his inaugural lecture.

Apr 26, 2006
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Caffeine effects on children studied

Arkansas scientists say they've found caffeine elevates blood pressure and lowers heart rate in children during exercise, but doesn't affect metabolism.

Apr 26, 2006
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Amphibian extinctions sweep the world

A devastating fungus is reportedly sweeping the world, wiping out entire populations of amphibians, with more than 120 species gone extinct since 1980.

Apr 26, 2006
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Wallop takes on next-gen social networking

Microsoft hopes to thump competition with its spinoff Wallop, which the company says will bring about the next generation in social networking.

Apr 26, 2006
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NASA chief defends budget cuts

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin says budget cuts necessary to pay for future space flights may mean an end to some current space science projects.

Apr 26, 2006
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Study: Cancer cure worth $50 trillion

University of Chicago researchers calculate the prospective gains from a cure for cancer would be worth about $50 trillion.

Apr 26, 2006
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Study: hospital staff joke about patients

A new study finds hospital staff routinely crack jokes at the patient's expense while medical students learning about professionalism get mixed messages.

Apr 26, 2006
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The Web: Webcasting a 'viable' secondary market

The Walt Disney Co.'s ABC Television Group is making a major foray into Internet television -- this spring and summer -- but the aggressive marketing move may be premature, experts are telling United Press International's ...

Apr 26, 2006
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Largest U.S. university VoIP advances

Boise State University has completed installation of what will be the largest college Voice over Internet Protocol system in the United States.

Apr 26, 2006
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New software is next wave for net surfers

With an estimated 12 billion websites online, it's not always easy finding the exact site you want. However, University of Alberta computer scientists have developed software they believe will make surfing the Web faster ...

Apr 26, 2006
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