Archive: 04/26/2006

A flying carpet might take us to Pluto

A U.S. scientist says a giant solar panel unfurled in space like a carpet might one day make space flights possible without using nuclear propulsion.

Apr 26, 2006
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Text-mailing used to teach sex health

San Francisco health officials are starting a new program to get sex education advice to young people by sending them text messages.

Apr 26, 2006
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Hyena Mothers Give Their Cubs a Helpful Dose of Hormones

Scientists have discovered that a dominant hyena puts her cubs on the road to success before they are born by passing on high levels of certain hormones that make her budding young leaders more aggressive and ...

Apr 26, 2006
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AT&T, TeliaSonera earnings delight

It may have been tumultuous, but it's been a profitable quarter too for most telecommunications companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Apr 26, 2006
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TiVo offers dual recorder

TiVo fans now have something new to smile about. The television digital video recorder company TiVo announced Tuesday the launch of its TiVo Series2 DT DVR May 1, which will allow consumers to record two shows at once.

Apr 26, 2006
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U.S. Should Bid to Host Next Particle Accelerator, Report Says

To remain globally competitive in particle physics, the United States should seize the opportunity to lead worldwide research efforts that would answer critical questions about the ultimate constituents of matter and the ...

Apr 26, 2006
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Galaxies Don Mask of Stars in New Spitzer Image

A pair of dancing galaxies appears dressed for a cosmic masquerade in a new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. The infrared picture shows what looks like two icy blue eyes staring through an elaborate, ...

Apr 26, 2006
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Russian spaceship docks at the ISS

Russian officials say the Progress M-56 supply spacecraft launched Monday docked Wednesday with the orbiting International Space Station.

Apr 26, 2006
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Sieves put a lid on greenhouse gas

Scientists are about to test microscopic sieves that trap environmentally destructive greenhouse gases before they escape coal-fired power stations and refineries.

Apr 26, 2006
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