Archive: 02/26/2008

Physicists Demonstrate Qubit-Qutrit Entanglement

For the first time, physicists have entangled a qubit with a “qutrit” – the 3D version of the 2D qubit. Qubit-qutrit entanglement could lead to advantages in quantum computing, such as increased security and more efficient ...

Feb 26, 2008 feature
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Heart attack rates fall following national smoking bans

French researchers announced a striking 15% decrease in admissions of patients with myocardial infarction to emergency wards since the public ban on smoking came into effect in restaurants, hotels and casinos in France last ...

Feb 26, 2008
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Taking the fight against cancer to heart

Hormones produced by the heart eliminated human pancreatic cancer in more than three-quarters of the mice treated with the hormones and eliminated human breast cancer in two-thirds of the mice, according to researcher David ...

Feb 26, 2008
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IBM Rolls Out New Mainframe

IBM today announced the System z10 mainframe to help clients create a new enterprise data center. The system z10 is designed from the ground up to help dramatically increase data center efficiency by significantly improving ...

Feb 26, 2008
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