Archive: 10/25/2005

Survey: No clear Euro broadband favorites

A survey indicates that large numbers of European broadband customers are switching providers and could prompt changes in the way the services are marketed.

Oct 25, 2005
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British girl to undergo rare operation

A 3-year-old British girl suffering from a rare genetic disorder will reportedly undergo a groundbreaking operation in an effort to save her life.

Oct 25, 2005
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Dark spins light up

Want to see a diamond? Forget the jewellery store - try a physics laboratory. In the November issue of Nature Physics, Ryan Epstein and colleagues demonstrate the power of their microscope for imaging individual nitrogen ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Is there another world in the mirror, Case physicist asks

Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who steps through the looking glass into a strange world, Lawrence Krauss, Case Western Reserve University professor of physics, began his search for extra dimensional worlds with the Twilight Zo ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Nanofabrication to lead to Quantum Computer

The team of scientists headed by professor Jeremy Levy at Pitts University has developed nanofabrication tools. The team has an electron beam lithography and nano engineering workstation - with an electron beam capable of ...

Oct 25, 2005 feature
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Mt Taranaki 'overdue' for eruption

Researchers have uncovered evidence suggesting Mt Taranaki is overdue to erupt, possibly blanketing much of the North Island in ash and disrupting power and water supplies, farming and aviation. Although the 2518m volcano, New ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Expectations For A Final Theory?

Martin Rees is Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge and Britain's Astronomer Royal. He is the author of numerous popular science books, including the bestselling Just Six Numbers: The Deep ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Spirit Begins Downhill Drive

Spirit is healthy and has begun driving downhill from the top of "Husband Hill" toward the south basin. Elevation maps produced from the panoramic camera imagery taken at and near the summit of Husband Hill showed a safe ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Study: Viagra reduces heart stress

Johns Hopkins University scientists say they've found Viagra is effective in reducing stress on one's heart by half.

Oct 25, 2005
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