Archive: 10/25/2005

Gold nanorods brighten future for medical imaging

Researchers at Purdue University have taken a step toward developing a new type of ultra-sensitive medical imaging technique that works by shining a laser through the skin to detect tiny gold nanorods injected ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Russia is cautious about GM foods

Russian scientists say they must study the implications of genetically modified food before such food is widely introduced in their nation.

Oct 25, 2005
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IBM Designed Power-based Chip for Microsoft Xbox 360

At Fall Processor Forum in San Jose, California today, IBM announced the custom designed microprocessor built for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is in production at the company's East Fishkill, N.Y. fab and at Chartered Semiconductor ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Automated analysis of security-sensitive protocols

The sheer number and variety of security protocols for Internet applications under development makes it difficult to be sure that any one protocol is 100 per cent secure from attack. Now an automated tool can systematically ...

Oct 25, 2005
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New Evidence About the Rise of Oxygen

Scientists believe that oxygen first showed up in the atmosphere about 2.7 billion years ago. They think it was put there by a one-celled organism called "cyanobacteria," which had recently become the first living thing on ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Even 'failed stars' form planets

An international team of astronomers says the process of building planets is more universal and robust than had previously been assumed. Brown dwarfs, like more massive normal stars, are formed when interstellar gas and dus ...

Oct 25, 2005
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Wind farm to be built off Galveston Island

One of the first offshore wind energy operations in the nation is to be built in an area seven miles off Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oct 25, 2005
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Mobile-phone shipments up 25 percent

Global mobile-phone shipments reached a record 209 million during the third quarter of 2005 as industry prices continue to soften.

Oct 25, 2005
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Nokia eyes rural China wireless market

Nokia is reportedly moving into rural China to cash in on what the company sees as a promising market for low-cost mobile phones.

Oct 25, 2005
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