Archive: 25/09/2008

Keeping computing compatible

( -- As distributed computing becomes universal, the programs that make devices work really have to work together. European researchers have gone back to basics to create a development toolkit that guarantees ...

dateSep 25, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Hospital patients are discharged earlier on busier days

When a hospital is capacity constrained, the constraint can affect admission and discharge decisions. A new study in the RAND Journal of Economics examined how hospitals' admission and discharge behavior is affected by fluctuations ...

dateSep 25, 2008 in Health
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Deactivating a cancer growth promoter

Three enzymes called phosphatases that shut down a molecule called SRC-3 (steroid receptor coactivator 3) could provide a new pathway for fighting cancer, particularly tumors of the breast and prostate, said researchers at ...

dateSep 25, 2008 in Cancer
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New research finds workers more prone to lie in E-mail

A pair of recent studies suggest that e-mail is the most deceptive form of communications in the workplace–even more so than more traditional kinds of written communications, like pen-and-paper. More surprising is that ...

dateSep 25, 2008 in Other
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