Archive: 09/25/2006

Study: Squid are masters of disguise

U.S. marine scientists say squid are masters of disguise, using their pigmented skin cells to camouflage themselves nearly instantaneously from predators.

Sep 25, 2006
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Menthol cigarette smokers may have harder time quitting

Although menthol and non-menthol cigarettes appear to be equally harmful to the lungs and cardiovascular system, menthol cigarettes may be harder to quit, according to a UCSF-led study that tracked more than 1,200 smokers ...

Sep 25, 2006
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Sponsors can connect with any event, just explain the link

Advertisers don't need an overt and obvious link to a product or brand to be successful, according to new marketing research. Sponsors with natural links to events, such as an oil company sponsoring a car race, are said to ...

Sep 25, 2006
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