Archive: 03/24/2006

NASA's New Mars Orbiter Returns Test Images

The first test images of Mars from NASA's newest spacecraft provide a tantalizing preview of what the orbiter will reveal when its main science mission begins next fall.

Mar 24, 2006
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Nortel, Sierra boast EV-DO Revision A test

Nortel and Sierra Wireless Friday announced the first test calls using the EV-DO Revision A technology that is expected to run faster wireless applications.

Mar 24, 2006
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VCs seek dot-com success stories in India

Manik Arora of Battery Ventures, the Silicon Valley-based VC that prefers to call itself a "lead institutional investor in its portfolio companies," spends a lot of time researching on Indian Internet ventures these days. ...

Mar 24, 2006
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Ruling allows poultry pollution evidence

A judge in Oklahoma has ruled that state officials may collect evidence for a lawsuit in which they allege poultry farms are polluting state watersheds.

Mar 24, 2006
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Teens undergo fast brain makeover

U.S. researchers say a teen's brain undergoes a previously unsuspected biological makeover not complete until they're 25, and that could explain a few things.

Mar 24, 2006
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Movies-for-download making inroads

U.K. movie-goers now have easier access to Hollywood blockbusters anywhere they go thanks to Universal Pictures. The studio giant will allow customers to purchase movies to keep in three different downloadable formats onto ...

Mar 24, 2006
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Power of prayer to help heal studied

Two U.S. studies, scheduled to be soon released, found mixed results on the power of prayer to help cure ailing people.

Mar 24, 2006
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Broadband in space thanks to new single-photon detector

Broadband might be entering into space thanks to a collective team of MIT researchers developing a tiny light detector that could help speed up data transmission from planetary probes to Earth. This is just the latest breakthrough ...

Mar 24, 2006
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IBM builds first IC around a single carbon nanotube

IBM today announced that its researchers have built the first complete electronic integrated circuit around a single “carbon nanotube” molecule, a new material that shows promise for providing enhanced ...

Mar 24, 2006
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New solar twin could shed light on another Earth

ANU (Australian National University) astronomers have discovered a nearby solar twin which may shed light on the search for planets that are similar to Earth and that may even support life. HD98618 is only ...

Mar 24, 2006
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It's a wrap, GDC top 12 list

It's been a long week of talking game development tools, dealing with a cold and rainy San Jose, and listening to companies saying "Wait until E3," instead of answering questions. But this correspondent persevered to bring ...

Mar 24, 2006
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Pesticide exposure linked to lower IQ

A study of North Dakota farm children found those children exposed to pesticides tested an average of 5 points lower on standard IQ tests.

Mar 24, 2006
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Mini-Comets Approaching Earth

In 1995, Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 did something unexpected: it fell apart. For no apparent reason, the comet's nucleus split into at least three "mini-comets" flying single file through space. Astronomers ...

Mar 24, 2006
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Scientists identify two new forms of ice

Scientists have discovered two previously unknown forms of ice, frozen at temperatures of around minus 160 degrees Celsius. The researchers say they have solved the atomic structures of the new forms, which ...

Mar 24, 2006
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