Archive: 01/24/2006

Men want gadgets for Valentine's Day

Most men would prefer to receive a gadget rather than candy or flowers from their partners on Valentine's Day, a poll reports.

Jan 24, 2006
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NetLogic launches 10 Gbps content processor

A Silicon Valley company has launched a content processor that is the first capable of networking and security functions at a sizzling 10 gigabits per second.

Jan 24, 2006
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Professor to explore global emergence of engineering

Gary Downey, a professor science and technology in society in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to research the emergence of the engineering ...

Jan 24, 2006
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2005 was the warmest year in a century

The year 2005 may have been the warmest year in a century, according to NASA scientists studying temperature data from around the world.

Jan 24, 2006
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Study: Deforestation decimates orangutans

A three-year study by the Cardiff School of Biosciences reveals genetic evidence that shows colonialists pushed orangutans to the brink of extinction.

Jan 24, 2006
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Some DVD collectors think big

As my favorite artist, Prince, used to say, he doesn't like the term "fan" because it's short for "fanatic." Nowhere is this more true than the avid DVD collector. I'm not talking about the person who has 100 ...

Jan 24, 2006
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Now you see it; now you think you see it

Some scientific journals are adopting security measures, including digital photo testing, to halt manipulation of data by authors engaged in fraud.

Jan 24, 2006
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Manned Spaceflight Plans For India To The ISS And Beyond

India is at a crossroads in its national space development program, having to decide if it will invest more of its small budget on manned space flight - which could be very lucrative, long-term, but which depends on certain ...

Jan 24, 2006
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