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Micro-gyroscopes that can detect cancer

A vibrating disc no bigger than a speck of dust could help to diagnose and monitor common types of cancer and provide specialists with information about the most appropriate therapy.

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Why The Amazon Rainforest Is So Rich In Species

Tropical areas of south and central America such as the Amazon rainforest are home to some 7500 species of butterfly compared with only around 65 species in Britain. UCL scientists have ruled out the common theory that attributed ...

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Crystal structure prediction made possible

In the past it has been impossible to predict crystal structures with reasonable computing efforts. Even for crystals with relatively few atoms per unit cell the number of possible structures is astronomically ...

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Falcon 1 Maiden Flight Scrubbed Until 2006

The SpaceX launch is scrubbed until early next year, as there is a structural issue with the 1st stage fuel tank that will require repair. SpaceX will provide further comment as soon as this has been carefully analyzed. ...

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Better dancers get more desirable mates

Dance is recognized as a courting signal in many animal species, including humans, and now Rutgers scientists have linked dancing ability to mate quality. The study, for the first time, links dancing ability to established ...

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