Archive: 12/22/2005

Emergency wireless program growing

More than two-thirds of the U.S. population is now covered by phase II of the national wireless E9-1-1 program.

Dec 22, 2005
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Scientists stymied by inch-long fish

Scientists say they are unable to explain the steady declined in the number of pupfish -- an endangered species that lives only in a Nevada limestone cave.

Dec 22, 2005
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Revising Earth's early history

Earth's future was determined at birth. Using refined techniques to study rocks, researchers at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism found that Earth's mantle--the layer between the ...

Dec 22, 2005
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Why Christmas trees are not extinct

Conifers such as Christmas trees suffer a severe plumbing problem. The "pipes" that carry water through firs, pines and other conifers are 10 times shorter than those in flowering trees. But a University of ...

Dec 22, 2005
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Science's Breakthrough of the Year: Watching evolution in action

Evolution has been the foundation and guiding theory of biology since Darwin gave the theory its proper scientific debut in 1859. But Darwin probably never dreamed that researchers in 2005 would still be uncovering new details ...

Dec 22, 2005
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Ultracold test produces long-sought quantum mix

Unbalanced superfluid could be akin to exotic matter found in quark star In the bizarre and rule-bound world of quantum physics, every tiny spec of matter has something called "spin" - an intrinsic trait ...

Dec 22, 2005
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As Grid problem solving flows smoothly

By developing the architecture to run Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications on the Grid, the IST programme-funded initiative has provided industrial and academic users with the ability to solve complex problems ...

Dec 22, 2005
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Male elephants woo females with precise chemistry

The exact chemical blend of a pheromone emitted by older male elephants in musth influences both a female elephant's interest in mating and how other surrounding elephants behave, a new study has found.

Dec 22, 2005
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Stubbs The Zombie

In the midst of a futuristic city, a rotting, green-skinned zombie in a fedora hat and ruined suit shambles across the landscape. Spotting a lone citizen, he quietly creeps up, grabs his prey and begins to chew through the ...

Dec 22, 2005
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Study: Some medical terms must be updated

The terms "hypertension" and "microalbuminuria" may be obsolete, say two Boston physicians in the first 2006 issue of the journal Kidney International.

Dec 22, 2005
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