Archive: 22/11/2007

Antenatal HIV

South Africa's Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programme has severe shortcomings that could be doing more harm than good. HIV patients are missing out on opportunities to receive a key intervention namely ...

dateNov 22, 2007 in HIV & AIDS
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Hunting males could harm polar bear populations

New research by the University of Alberta in Edmonton suggests that current wildlife management practices in Canada could make it harder for polar bears to find mates.

dateNov 22, 2007 in
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Working mums and overweight kids: is there a link?

New research from the University of Bristol shows that children aged between 5 and 7, whose mothers work full time, are more likely to be overweight at age 16. The impact on their weight is not immediate; rather, children ...

dateNov 22, 2007 in Health
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