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Intel CEO: PC sales could rise in 2009

(AP) -- The worldwide personal-computer market is pulling out of its slump quickly and could defy predictions by growing this year, Intel Corp. CEO Paul Otellini said Tuesday.

Sep 22, 2009
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Age-old kids' query in a text message: Wuz4dina?

(AP) -- Teens and texting is a subject that's often discussed in pathological terms. They're texting in class! They're sexting! They're running up $5,000 bills! They need thumb therapy!

Sep 22, 2009
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People with type 2 diabetes improved muscular strength

Physical therapist-directed exercise counseling combined with fitness center-based exercise training can improve muscular strength and exercise capacity in people with type 2 diabetes, with outcomes similar to those of supervised ...

Sep 22, 2009
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Using Brain Waves to Help Treat Depression

( -- Researchers conducted a study at 9 sites in the U.S. with 375 people suffering from major depression. The testing takes about 15 minutes and could help people suffering from depression find ...

Sep 22, 2009 weblog
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Transhumance helps vulture conservation

Researchers from the University of Segovia and the University of León have shown for the first time the close space-time relationship between the presence of the griffon vulture and transhumant sheep ...

Sep 22, 2009
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Rural roads dangerous for young drivers

Results from Australia's largest study of young drivers have shown that they are at significant risk of crash on rural roads. According to researchers from The George Institute, young drivers living in rural areas are more ...

Sep 22, 2009
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