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Insurance against financial fear

( -- Just one year ago, a worldwide panic was unfolding: Financial markets froze after the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, leaving businesses without lenders as the economy drastically ...

dateSep 22, 2009 in Economics & Business
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Sharing the air

( -- In the old days, when a new wireless technology came along, it got its own swath of the electromagnetic spectrum: AM radio uses 535 to 1,605 kilohertz, so television got chunks between 54 ...

dateSep 22, 2009 in Telecom
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FDA ban on flavored cigs takes effect

(AP) -- The new federal ban on flavored cigarettes took effect on Tuesday, marking one of the first visible signs of the Food and Drug Administration's new authority to regulate tobacco.

dateSep 22, 2009 in Health
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Expert calls for new cancer research priorities

Cancer research is too focused on new drug development, while not enough money and effort is being devoted to pursuing important advances in knowledge likely to have the biggest impact on combating the disease in the next ...

dateSep 22, 2009 in Cancer
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