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Finding ingenious design in nature

“This,” Joanna Aizenberg says slyly, picking up a latticed tube from her desk in Pierce Hall, “is a glass house you can throw stones at.”

Feb 22, 2008
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MU research team releases first Missouri Hunger Atlas

More than $1.1 billion a year is spent on public programs in Missouri, yet a new University of Missouri study reports the state has a rising number of people worried about having sufficient amounts of food and coping with ...

Feb 22, 2008
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Special Coating Greatly Improves Solar Cell Performance

The energy from sunlight falling on only 9 percent of California’s Mojave Desert could power all of the United States’ electricity needs if the energy could be efficiently harvested, according to some estimates. Unfortunately, ...

Feb 22, 2008
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New protein tag enhances view within living cells

The view into the inner world of living cells just got a little brighter and more colorful. A powerful new research tool, when used with other labeling technologies, allows simultaneous visualization of two or more different ...

Feb 22, 2008
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Seabird research tracks ocean health

Oxford University scientists hope to uncover the secret life of an important British seabird using technology developed with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Feb 22, 2008
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Supermarkets hold power in milk supply chain

A model of the British milk supply chain, produced by Oxford University economists, confirms the common belief that supermarkets currently hold the bargaining power.

Feb 22, 2008
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Nomadic devices, the freedom to compute

Today's mobile phones and other nomadic devices have the computing power to offer users many more applications than currently available. However, security concerns and costs are holding back developments in ...

Feb 22, 2008
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A novel hMSH2 gene mutation in colorectal cancer patients?

About 20% CRC patients have a genetic component and HNPCC is the most common autosomal dominant hereditary syndrome. Some Chinese HNPCC pedigrees were recently reported in the January 14, 2008 issue of the World Journal of ...

Feb 22, 2008
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A strange case of upper obstructive syndrome

Aorto-duodenal fistulae (ADF) are the most frequent aorto-enteric fistulae (80%) and the most frequent presenting sign of ADF is upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGI). A 59-year-old male patient, who underwent ...

Feb 22, 2008
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