Archive: 12/21/2005

Newspapers win over Web for job seekers

Three out of four job-seekers use newspapers to look for jobs rather than the Internet, the Conference Board reported Wednesday.

Dec 21, 2005
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Making filmmaking a game

Thanks to technology, independent filmmakers and wannabes have yet another unique way to get discovered. Video-game maker Activision has released a brand new PC game about the film industry called The Movies. Think of it ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Allo, allo? A star is ringing

Astronomers have used ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile and the Anglo-Australian Telescope in eastern Australia as a 'stellar stethoscope' to listen to the internal rumblings of a nearby star. The data collected ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Mars region probably less watery than thought

A region of Mars that some planetary scientists believe was once a shallow lakebed and likely habitable for life may not have been so wet after all, according to a new University of Colorado at Boulder study.

Dec 21, 2005
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The Web: Europe's cyber privacy declines

The European Union is no longer the online privacy sanctuary that it once was, as government officials there are enacting a new Internet monitoring law in the aftermath of last summer's London train bombings, ...

Dec 21, 2005
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E=mc2 passes tough test

In a fitting cap to the World Year of Physics 2005, MIT physicists and colleagues from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) report the most precise direct test yet of Einstein's most famous ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Ancient humans brought bottle gourds to Americas from Asia

Thick-skinned bottle gourds widely used as containers by prehistoric peoples were likely brought to the Americas some 10,000 years ago by individuals who arrived from Asia, according to a new genetic comparison ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Ingredients for DNA and Protein Found Around Star

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star. The ingredients - gaseous precursors to DNA and protein - were detected in the star's ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Mission to Mars via Antarctica

A few weeks before leaving for the Antarctic Concordia Station, the Italian-French crew that will spend over one year in one of the harshest, isolated environments on Earth, attended two days of preparatory ...

Dec 21, 2005
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NASA facility launch site for GlobalFlyer

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida will be the takeoff site for an attempt to set the record for the longest flight of an aircraft or balloon.

Dec 21, 2005
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