Archive: 12/21/2005

Lenovo's bid to challenge Dell

The Chinese computer group that bought out the personal computer unit of IBM earlier this year said late Tuesday its chief executive officer would step down after only eight months on the job. Stephen Ward will be succeeded ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Fear of death factors into how we vote

Rutgers University scientists say their research suggests some people voted for George W. Bush rather than John Kerry because of concerns about death.

Dec 21, 2005
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Gift-Bearing Progress Launches Toward Space Station

The 20th unpiloted Progress cargo craft launched toward the International Space Station Wednesday at 1:38 p.m. EST, carrying Christmas gifts, equipment and supplies to the orbiting laboratory. It is scheduled ...

Dec 21, 2005
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NASA Prepares for Return of Interstellar Cargo

NASA's Stardust mission is nearing Earth after a 2.88 billion mile round-trip journey to return cometary and interstellar dust particles back to Earth. Scientists believe the cargo will help provide answers ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Astronomers detect echoes from ancient supernovae

A team of astronomers has found faint visible “echoes” of three ancient supernovae by detecting centuries-old light reflected by interstellar gas clouds hundreds of light-years removed from the original ...

Dec 21, 2005
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Briefs: EC approves Dutch lid on cable price

The European Commission Wednesday approved the Netherlands' telecom regulator to prevent price increases by the country's three biggest cable companies.

Dec 21, 2005
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World record polluting fine paid in Boston

A Hong Kong ship's captain has reportedly agreed to pay a $10.5 million dumping fine -- the largest criminal environmental fine in Massachusetts history.

Dec 21, 2005
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Seattle leading way in tsunami research

Seattle now has what may be the world's largest tsunami research center, with a goal of forecasting a major tsunami within 10 minutes of its development.

Dec 21, 2005
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ESA rocket motor successfully tested

The first firing test of the European Space Agency's Vega Zefiro 9 third-stage solid rocket motor was successful, ESA officials in Paris said Wednesday.

Dec 21, 2005
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