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Asia, Europe face wait for Sony's Google TV

(AP) -- Sony plans to introduce its Web-surfing Google TV in Europe and Asia but customers may have to wait more than a year and even longer if they're in China, a senior executive said Thursday.

Oct 21, 2010
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Obese father rats have unhealthy daughters

( -- A new study in rats has found the female pups of obese males may be more likely to develop symptoms of diabetes later in life. The condition is not a case of genetic inheritance, but appears ...

Oct 21, 2010 report
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Direct laser cooling of molecules

Cooling molecules with lasers is harder than cooling individual atoms with lasers. The very process of laser cooling, in which atoms are buffeted by thousands of photons, was thought by many to be impossible for molecules ...

Oct 21, 2010
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Japan's NTT Data to buy US IT firm: report

Japanese telecom giant NTT's data communications unit plans to buy US IT firm Keane for 1.2 billion dollars as a strong yen and good earnings back Japanese firms' acquisitions, a report said Thursday.

Oct 21, 2010
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