$700,000 from Gates to help protect CA climate law

October 21, 2010

(AP) -- The campaign against Proposition 23 - the ballot initiative that would push back California's landmark global warming law - is getting another big financial boost from a high-tech billionaire.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Microsoft co-founder has donated $700,000 to the "No on Prop. 23" committee.

The donation from Gates comes after Google Inc. co-founder last week contributed $200,000 to the campaign. Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore has contributed $1 million.

If approved by voters, the initiative would suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act until California's unemployment rates drops to 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters.

The law is scheduled to take effect in 2012.

The 54-year-old Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975. His net worth has been estimated by Forbes magazine at $54 billion.

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0.5 / 5 (40) Oct 21, 2010
Gates, Google, and Intel are in on the global conspiracy of the worlds scientists, Al Gore and George Soros, and the Illuminati, to establish a one world government, a New World anti Christian Order based in the Hague and having Lucifer Obama on the throne.

We must work together to prevent this anti-christian takeover of the world by outgassing as much methane and CO2 as possible to show our support for the Christian Way and God.

To that end I am calling upon all faithful Americans to take up their arms and open a can of beans. One can of beans every day until America is in the loving arms of the Christ once again.

1 / 5 (1) Oct 21, 2010
What a ridiculous sum of money by someone that gains millions of dolars in days. And everyone inside that group make a lot of money too.

And yet people post this while there are out there news with more relevancy than that. Unless you see the "bad" side of everything going around that news.
not rated yet Oct 21, 2010
Vendicar - you got me....LOL! Gates is doing what every billionaire should do - and is actually making headway: He, Buffet, and many other billionaires are devoting substantial amounts of their money to IMPROVE the human condition. Now if only the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, and the Tea Party would do the same. Man up to THAT, republicans!
0.3 / 5 (37) Oct 22, 2010
"What a ridiculous sum of money by someone that gains millions of dolars in days." - Arosjoa

Unlike the Koche traitors, Gates is clearly a moral individual.

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