Archive: 08/21/2008

Robots Detect Behavioral Cues to Follow Humans

Robots can be ironic. Even though they might not have emotions of their own, they can still detect and respond to humans’ emotions. A recent study has shown that, by picking up on human emotional traits, ...

Aug 21, 2008 feature
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25 year old message in a bottle reunited with its owner

As an eleven year old boy in 1985, Donald Wylie tossed a bottle into the Orkney sea, with a message asking its finder to track him down. Almost a quarter of a century later, Donald will be reunited with the bottle which ...

Aug 21, 2008
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Helping the medicine go down

Getting little Doug and Debbie to take a spoonful of medicine is more than just a rite of passage for frustrated parents. Children's refusal to swallow liquid medication — and their tendency to vomit it ...

Aug 21, 2008
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Research shows pollsters how the undecided will vote

As the American Presidential election approaches, pollsters are scrambling to predict who will win. A study by a team of researchers at The University of Western Ontario, Canada, and the University of Padova, Italy, may give ...

Aug 21, 2008
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New clues to air circulation in the atmosphere

Air circulates above the Earth in four distinct cells, with two either side of the equator, says new research. The new observational study describes how air rises and falls in the atmosphere above the Earth's surface, creating ...

Aug 21, 2008
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Phoenix Mars Lander Explores Site by Trenching

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander scientists and engineers are continuing to dig into the area around the lander with the spacecraft's robotic arm, looking for new materials to analyze and examining the soil and ice subsurface structure.

Aug 21, 2008
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Tahitian vanilla originated in Maya forests

The origin of the Tahitian vanilla orchid, whose cured fruit is the source of the rare and highly esteemed gourmet French Polynesian spice, has long eluded botanists. Known by the scientific name Vanilla ta ...

Aug 21, 2008
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Cocaine: How addiction develops

Permanent drug seeking and relapse after renewed drug administration are typical behavioral patterns of addiction. Molecular changes at the connection points in the brain's reward center are directly responsible for this. ...

Aug 21, 2008
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