Archive: 11/2/2005

Explaining Why the Millennium Bridge Wobbled

Steve Strogatz has a penchant for things that happen in unison. So when the Cornell University professor of theoretical and applied mechanics (and author of the 2003 book "Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous ...

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The Web: Online psychotherapy effective

Therapy for mildly depressed patients delivered over the Internet can be as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy, but experts told UPI's The Web that a relationship of trust must exist between patient and doctor for the ...

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Mars Express PFS spectrometer back at work

The Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) on board ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft is now back in operation after a malfunction, reported a few months ago. The instrument had been successfully investigating the ...

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Sensors, a smart dose of medicine for cancer treatment

New sensor systems being developed will help treat cancer and improve the accuracy and reliability of existing radiation treatments. They should help improve patient care and outcomes. The results will go straight to commercialisation ...

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Nano World: 150 nanodrugs on horizon

While only two kinds of nanoparticle therapies against cancer are now clinically available in the United States, roughly 150 more lie in various stages of development, experts told UPI's Nano World.

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Stem cells: forgotten by evolution?

Max Planck scientists show that adult stem cells are possibly just the remnants of evolution For a fairly long time, adult stem cells have been a point of scientific interest. Besides the question of how to use ...

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