Archive: 08/2/2011

Gentle nudges towards Vesta

The Dawn space probe entered into an orbit around the planetoid Vesta. The planetoid is 2.3 times further from the Sun than the Earth. Dawn used the force of gravity to get there. And an ion engine.

dateAug 02, 2011 in Space Exploration
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Plants protect from climate impacts

Native vegetation must be restored to protect Australia’s unique ecosystems from the impacts of climate change, according to scientists from the Australian National University.

dateAug 02, 2011 in Environment
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Scientist suspension is about project's management

(AP) -- The government's suspension of an Arctic scientist was related to how a polar bear research project was awarded and managed and not his earlier scientific work detailing drowned polar bears, a watchdog group said ...

dateAug 02, 2011 in Other
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