Archive: 06/2/2008

Toad research could leapfrog to new muscle model

A toad sits at a pond's edge eyeing a cricket on a blade of grass. In the blink of an eye, the toad snares the insect with its tongue. This deceptively simple, remarkably fast feeding action offers a new look ...

Jun 02, 2008
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Research uncovers the hidden world of turtles

The frog may be the environmental indicator of the land, but University of Queensland researchers reckon when it comes to the sea, we should look to the turtle.

Jun 02, 2008
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Low-cost EUV satellite shut down

University of California, Berkeley, scientists quietly switched off one of the campus's working satellites last month, ending a 10-year series of ups and downs for NASA's first and only low-cost, university-class Explorer ...

Jun 02, 2008
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