Archive: 11/19/2007

Tiny Silicone Hotel Reveals How Bacteria Control Crowds

Using a device composed of microscopic rooms and hallways that was designed and fabricated at the University of California, San Diego, a team of researchers from four institutions has determined how bacteria ...

Nov 19, 2007
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Women aren't men

Women's bodies and medical needs are vastly different than men's way beyond their reproductive systems. Women wake sooner from anesthesia, have less familiar symptoms of cardiovascular disease and are more likely to suffer ...

Nov 19, 2007
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Organic Molecules Stay on Top

The van der Waals force, a weak attractive force, is solely responsible for binding certain organic molecules to metallic surfaces. In a model for organic devices, it is this force alone that binds an organic film to a metallic ...

Nov 19, 2007
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Car catalysator works differently than expected

The 3-way catalysator of a car apparently works differently from the way chemists had expected. The conversion of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide takes place not in one single step, but in at least two different steps. ...

Nov 19, 2007
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Brain differences found in people with migraine

People with migraines have differences in an area of the brain that helps process sensory information, including pain, according to a study published in the November 20, 2007, issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the ...

Nov 19, 2007
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AMD Introduces Cutting-Edge PC Platform

Rewriting the rules for enthusiast computing, AMD today unveiled its new platform codenamed “Spider”, with the first true quad-core processor supporting scalable graphics for The Ultimate Visual Experience. ...

Nov 19, 2007
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